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Super Silly Spider


Halloween is approaching, a favorite holiday in our house. We’ve been discussing costume options and spooky things for weeks. A few days ago, my preschooler and I made these super silly spiders. She loves crafts, so we’re constantly cooking up fun, easy things to make. These qualify.

What you Need:

  • 3 different size puff balls
  • googly eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • tacky glue
  • scissors

If you live near a Target, you can find the puffs, pipe cleaners and googly eyes with the Halloween stuff in the $1 section. Otherwise, I’m sure any craft store will have similar supplies. The picture may be self explanatory, but here a a few simple instructions. Let your kids be creative – anything goes!

  1. Stack puff balls and attach to each other with tacky glue
  2. Attach googly eyes
  3. Choose two pipe cleaners, cut in half. Twist all four sections together in the middle and secure to bottom of largest puff ball with tacky glue (I used clear tape as well as tacky glue to secure). Bend each pipe cleaner to form the legs
  4. Let dry
Crafts are a great way to build the skills that preschoolers need to succeed. With this very simple project, you are working on colors, following directions, gluing, creativity, and fine motor skills. Once finished, have your preschooler make up a story about the spiders – what are their names? what do they do? where are they from? Kids love to make up stories and it helps develop early reading skills. Enjoy!





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